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I made one with the 8",


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2007-12-06 7:03 pm
Dr Who,

I should also say that i have been tossing around the idea of putting these in my new project - the Sachiko. I really want to try the Fostx F206e.. but cash is a little tight.. and if i am wanting to do more projects like this.. then i need to succumb to the WIFES desires, and tone it down.. lol... so we shall see...

From what i have read on here, generally people are happy with the AN drivers. like i said.. I have been so far..

sorry i wasn't much more help. i cant offer any sort of technical offerings. I just like listening..


2007-12-06 7:03 pm
Thanks. I work at a Architectural Woodworking shop, and have all the tools handy.

If you are interested.. or anyone else for that matter.. in having me cut things out for you.. we can talk about everything involved.

I can get most any types of veneer / ply/ etc. I would have everything cut out on the CNC, packed and shipped to you for finish/assembly/listening enjoyment.
I'm unconvinced by the AN units I've heard thus far -decent enough, but they simply weren't as good as their Fostex equivalents, and once shipping etc., is brought in, they aren't really any cheaper either. So I can't really see the point.

The models that interest me are the 10in (as nobody else does one) and the cast frame units, as they at least offer something different, which is all to the good. The 12in is a nice idea in theory, but Vas is so high, I've yet to figure out what it's actually for.


2007-12-06 7:03 pm
For what its worth.. Scott is the one that I ( in my VERY VERY limited full range knowledge) have talked to the most about these drivers. I fully trust him and he seems to know what he is talking about.

Like I said, I have nothing to compare the AN's to.

(oh by the way Scott.. my wife isn't too happy with you right now..:nownow: ) hee hee.

Bob Brines

2003-01-31 10:11 pm
I must second Scott's general impression. I've used the 6.5's and the super 8's and was underwhelmed. They are OK, but lack the sparkle that the comparable Fostex drivers have. The build quality doesn't match the Fostex either. Also, one for one is size, the AN's have larger Vas. That may or may not be an issue depending on what you intend to put them in.

The price differential just isn't enough to make me go for the AN's. The few $$ don't make sense considering the cost of other parts and materials, not to mention the labor.

Originally posted by JeremyB
(oh by the way Scott.. my wife isn't too happy with you right now..:nownow: ) hee hee.

I can imagine. Luckily, I live several thousand miles away.

She'll get over it. Make sure the first thing you play once the cabinets are finished & you've got them properly positioned is something she likes. Her opinion will mellow. Women often like high quality sound more than many people think (that sounds really sexist doesn't it, although it's not meant to be so). Several of my ex GF's have what many people would consider to be huge speakers that I built, and they refuse to part with them.
I live in the St. Louis metro area. I've gogglemapped Common Sense Audio's address, so I know exactly where they are. Now, if I just had some sort of budget . . .

Of course, the one I'd be interested in most would be the 12"er as it looks like a giant B20, pre-phase plugged, and I'd want to use it OB. The next most interesting is actually the Super 6.5 as it looks like it would make a thunderous, though very slender BiB.