Audio Nirvana 12 for open baffle project


2008-03-14 7:45 pm
After wayyyyy to much hemming and hawing I bit the bullet and ordered a pair of the Audio Nirvana Super 12 cast frame full range drivers. Fs 36.42hz Qts .488 and Xmax 1.0 mm and ohhhh that 49.7 oz magnet, I think it's going to be a fun project.
Anyone have suggestions for baffle dimensions?


2004-12-25 8:36 pm
I recommend two 15" high efficiency on each side. The baffle high enough to accommodate all three drivers, about 18" wide, and with triangular backwards facing wings (at 90 degrees from the baffle). A right-triangle, with the base on the floor, the height the same as the baffle. Make the initial base length about 15" which tapers off to nothing at the top.


2005-08-23 5:56 am
I'm currently using Audio Nirvana Super 10's in large Voigt Horn
enclosures (53 inches tall). I've been thinking about upgrading?
to the new 12" cast frame model. My first thought is to use
the same type enclosure because of the super 12's .48 Qt
so, if you do decide on a open baffel design. Please!!! let
me know how it turns out.

My current design sounds very good with strong low end
output down to 45HZ.
I've been dying to hear about someone using them this way. I use Pio B20s in OB, and with mods and judicious EQ, I'm getting plenty of top end and bass solid to 50Hz with a touch of usable below. The AN12 specs very similarly to the B20 except for lower Fs, so I'm betting that a satisfying full range experience could be coaxed from it in OB.

Please report back.