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Audio Electronic Components JFETS Matched Transistors Capacitors Etc


2010-12-22 7:37 pm

I'm getting out of a 35 year DIY Audio Hobby and I have some desirable parts for sale

Matched Dual JFETS
Motorola Discrete Bipolars
Matched Bipolars (Motorola, PMI Analog Devices)
SSDI Power Bipolars (100V 200A 30MHz)
Large Value POLYSTYRENE Caps (1uF, 0.1uF and 0.001uF)
Metalized Polypropylene Caps
Mylar Bypass Caps
Motorola Power Bipolars
Power Mosfets
Precision Voltage references
Photo Voltaic MOSFET Drivers
Diodes, Zeners and Other ICs
Magnetic Cores
High Quality Large Gage Oxygen Free Copper Wire

Let me know if anyone needs parts
Thanks, Steve
I do not have a parts list since I have over 1000 different part types.
Prices Vary With Quantity.

Tell me what you need and I can respond with part numbers.
For Example - if you said "I need Matched NCH JFETS" I would say I have 2N5564, 2N5911 and 2N 5902

Thanks, Steve