Audio Card for AudioLense Xo and Jriver. Multiway Speaker????

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I am going to Build a Multiway Speaker, and I will use AudioLense Xo Crossover capabilities with JRiver MC18.
I allready have the Power Amplfiers, but I need to buy a Multi channel Audio Card.
Lynx Two B card is out of my Budget.
I have researched, and found two options:
1. Fastrack C600 - Very inexpensive at $210
2. Echo Layla 3g - $480
I do not know if these card work well. (Drivers Issues etc...)
Any help will be wellcome.

Antonio Souza
Hi Antonio,

You could be interested in Ultimate Equalizer V4 shown on Bodzio Software
It's much more than an active crossover. Major characteristics of Ultimate Equalizer system are:

  • Active system – allows amplifiers to exert maximum control over loudspeaker driver and makes crossover characteristics independent of driver loading.
  • DSP crossover and voicing – maintains crossover and voicing characteristics with mathematical precision. Heaps of filters included.
  • Amplitude and phase HBT equalization – results in flat amplitude and phase responses and extends bass response.
  • Linear phase – maintains 0deg acoustical phase response of each driver, which results in transient-perfect system for correct spatial imaging (realism, depth, resolution, ambience) for multi-channel sound reproduction. Also removes “flabby bass”.
  • Minimum-phase/Linear-phase room EQ – removes most obnoxious room modes.
  • Remote control – via 2.4GHz wireless keyboard and mouse.
  • Use Windows Media Player, or install JRivers Player – to create audio server and state-of-the-art loudspeaker management system (user-friendliness, power, flexibility, cost efficiency and sound quality) on one HTPC.
For the sound card, use Delta1010LT, is $230, and has unbalanced RCA connectors.

Best Regards,
Hi Bohdan,

I will take a look at your UE, thank you.
Regarding the audio card, i have seen that M audio solved the win 7 issues with the delta card.
But I would prefer a $400 external card, as there are too many cables to deal with in a internal card. Also thre are the pci x pci-e issue, i think i need to buy a pci adapter.
Also i would prefer a newer card, with newer technology.
Any help will be wellcome.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.