Audio Art 15" subs. Opinions?


2008-01-07 11:20 pm
I have a pair of Audio Art 15" subs I picked up about 14 years ago. They were their top of the line at the time, made in USA, but they don't look like much compared to my Brahma. Anyone know anything about these? Are they worth a damn? I might be getting rid of them if anyone wants one.
My brother and I built a 3.5cf ported enclosure tuned to 30Hz for a pair of top-of-the-line Audio Art 10's for in his '91 VW GTi. They did ok, but his original setup in that same car with a single SAS Bazooka 6" sub sounded better, was cleaner, went lower and played almost as loud! He was running 400 watts (Audio Art amp) into the 10's and 90 watts (a/d/s amp) into the Bazooka.

At the same time, I had a single 8" Rockford Fosgate in a 2.1cf ported enclosure tuned to about 25Hz in my '96 Nissan 200SX SE-R. My brother's system with both subs didn't stand a chance against the RF in my car! Everybody that ever heard my system swore I was running a pair of 12" MTX Blue Thunders with like 500 watts. Actually, I was only running that single 8" RF sub with a 600 watt PPI amp and sometimes an AudioControl Epicenter!

So in short, I'd say sell the Audio Arts if you can and get something new and up to date with better specs/features. The Audio Arts didn't cut it back then and with today's technology, they certainly won't cut it.

Just my 2 pennies... ;)