Audio Amplifier (TDA7297) getting too hot..

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MP3(GPD2856C)+AMP(TDA7297)+Speaker(10W 4Ohms) Module

Hello guys,

I am a newbie to this, and trying to build a simple mp3 player module using GPC2856C(mp3 decoder), TDA7297(audio amp), and 10W 4Ohms speaker. As you can see in the pictures, I simply purchased two modules and put them together.

1. I took out the built-in amp from the MP3 decoder board, and connected the audio signals (+ and -) into the input and ground of the AMP board.

2. Connected the speaker to the AMP board.

Result: Everything works fine. I can hear a clear and loud sound of music that is read from the SD card thanks to TDA7297.

Problem: TDA7297 chip gets really hot. I can probably keep it going for a few minutes with the power control knob in the middle state (there is a knob I can spin to control how much power will be used which results in volume change). But it gets so hot that after a minute that I can't touch the heatsink with my fingers. I know that amp usually gets warm in performance, but I am not sure it's supposed to get this hot. Please give comments if I did anything wrong here!


* the pdf is not exactly the right one but it's very close to the mp3 board (GPD2856C) and I was able to sort of understand how the board works


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Hi guys,

I need some help on using my audio amplifier module, TDA7297. It's working fine but it gets really hot while it's operating. Basically, I can't touch the heatsink after a few minutes because it's too hot. I took measurement of the current and it went from 200mA up to 1A, sometimes. I am not sure if it's supposed to go this high. I am afraid I might burn the chip. Is it supposed to get this hot? Am I doing something wrong? Do I need a bigger heatsink?

GPD2856C MP3 Decoder and Play Board, w/Amplifier - ElectroDragon

Above link shows the module I am using.

Please give me any advice or ideas! Thanks.
Thank you for leaving comments. And I apologize for posting two threads for the same topic Mooly.

The amp does NOT get hot with no music. Only when I turn on the music and raise the volume up, the amp starts to get hot. (with high current reading).

I am putting about 17V for the amp.

I am basically reading music files off a SDcard and connecting the audio signals to the inputs of the amp module.



Above are pictures of the full system.

Thank you for your help!
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I use these modules all the time, NEVER power them over 12V, they are meant for car use.
The more recent ones come with larger heatsinks and still get warm.
Also, 8 ohm speaker is the minimum I would use and ensure you arent grounding the speaker to the power anywhere as these are bridge amps and that will make them overheat also.

Hope this helps!
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