Audi A6 4F Avant oem DSP audo upgrade ideas.


2012-09-27 4:44 pm
Sorry if this is discussed before, but the search did not show what I was looking.

I own a 2008 Audi A6 Avant with 10 way speaker audio system they call DSP. It is far better than the standard 4 spkrs, but inferior to the Bose option.

I am looking for ideas where to begin as I don't have an exact plan.
All I want is more power with OEM look and style.

The premium bose system has active feedback microphones installed in the car, a much better d/a converter, smps boosted chips and 13 speakers. So its a far better system overall, but a no go for me as this would mean a complete overhaul of my interiors.
I don't want to lay any extra cables, I hate removing/installing upholstery, panels etc.
As you may know, the audio in most german executive sedans of 2000s is routed via optical fiber from the headunit, cd changer, amp etc.
I have attached a photo of the amp.
The optic fiber signal is translated into analog, FL FR RL RR and 4x subwoofer signals.
The chips are both TDA 8595 with connected I2C bus. Any interaction with the output would throw an error in the system. The chips work @12V and are rated 4x45W RMS.
Can this amp be hacked? Just to get an 8ch analog output for an amp of my choice.
Speakers are another story.

Thank you for your patience.


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2012-09-27 4:44 pm
Thanks Perry.
A very good idea. I will unplug the wires of each speaker and connect my 2 way B&O shelf. Anyway, i saw some internet pictures and the speakers looked horrible with that cheap paper and plastic housing. I got their sizes too:
2x 6.5 subs
2x 3.5 midrange
2x 1" tweeter.

2x 6.5 midbass midrange
2x 1" tweeters.

I am sure i can come up with good speaker upgrades but someone in a german forum stated that: in the Bose case, the amp, the drivers and the speaker housing were tuned specially and upgrading the components was not an option.
Anyway that was Bose, i tend to believe that my amp will supply flat sound to the mids.

Thank you.