Audax HD 12X9D25 4 ohm Specs

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Does anyone out there have the specs on an older Audax tweeter - the HD 12X9D25 in the 4 ohm version? Not even the Audax website archives have it listed. I've seen a photo of the 4 ohm version so I know it existed.

I'm trying to find an equivalent replacement tweeter for a pair of Snell Type A's.

Thanks, I've seen that site, but here's the issue:

All references to Audax HD12X9D25 I have been able to find list it as "8 ohms." Even the Audax website archives. But the Audax unit used in the Snell Type A is a 4 ohm iteration.

I have seen a photo of the back of an Audax tweeter that says, "HD 12X9D25 4 ohms". But I cannot find the specifications for the 4 ohm version. Without the specs, we don't know what we're trying to match. :headbash:

Please keep your eyes open for the specs on the 4 ohm version.


All I can do is help with some research for you...

<< I believe this is the Audax TWO25A2 which is also 4 ohm. This Audax tweeter was recently in production and was considered a drop in replacement for the original according to Madisound. This has also gone out of production, but the 8 ohm version (Audax TWO25A2 4 ohm is discontinued, use TWO25A0 and buy RWO25A2 4 ohm replacement dome/voice coil - suggested by Madisound supplier) is still available and you can buy the 4 ohm replacement dome/voice coil to make a 4 ohm version if you need to repair an old Spica or want to build a copy as close as possible to the original.>>

Now, the funny thing is that they anounce the Audax TW025A2 (4Ohm) driver and the RW025A2 Voice Coil (4Ohm), but the specs for the first are (mistakenly) for a 8 Ohm unit.
Audax TWO25A2 still available!

Inducter -

Thanks for your response(s). However: Good news! (for anyone that's interested, that is...)

I just communicated w/ Madisound and they confirmed that the 4 ohm, TW025A2 is definitely available. Audax drivers (at least some, if not all) are now being manufactured by AAC of France (Whoever that is).

They've got another tweeter at Madisound - An SB Acoustics SB25STC-C000-4 Textile Dome Tweeter. It looks interesting but this company is brand new... according to their website, they will be debuting at the Winter 2008 CES in Las Vegas.... 'ever hear of them?

I think maybe I'll just go w/ the 'A2 and see what happens.
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