• WARNING: Tube/Valve amplifiers use potentially LETHAL HIGH VOLTAGES.
    Building, troubleshooting and testing of these amplifiers should only be
    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

Auction Gem Motorola? Go Figure!

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Once again, A summer auction turns up another diamond in
" NOT Rough" condition.

Many years ago, Motorola actually made some damn nice tube consumer products. Todays auction netted me an outstanding sounding Motorola console unit. W/Reverb, And a very unusual 3 Channel Tube Amp!
Consists of a pair of 6V6gt pp in center channel, And a pair of el84's in se configuration for left and right channel. + Reverb! lol

Even greater find, With the unit. The Original schematic for The AMP and Preamp.

This schematics Is buildable, And I must say, Impressive sounding!


The Tuner is not shown, But these schematics are complete front to rear from phono - speakers.
Sadly, they didnt supply the tuner schematic in the original owners packet I got with this unit.

I amazed based on the sound quality that these units arent sought after.

In fact, I nabbed this baby for $2.50us and my lady got a $100 antique china serving platter included WITH this console!

Anyways, I just thought maybe somebody should archive the schematic. I feel once again, Based on sound quality. This Would be an awesome DIY Project.
Re: Very cool!!!

mashaffer said:
How about a pic of the console itself?


Hi Mike,
I'll upload a couple pics tomorrow evening, I had momma dust off the mahagony and run around it with some old english. Looks living room worthy!

I have the back off to remove the 25-30 yrs of dust so I'll try for before and after shots!

One interesting feature is the way the 12 inch center woofer is installed with no grill cloth, Instead it has a raised deflection panel. odd but effective. I had set my (old eyes) reading glasses on top of the unit while listening to REO's "Roll with the changes"
on original vinyl. The bass danced them right off the edge! YIKES!

OK, Managed to snap a few pictures of this baby, I love the heat sink fins on the power trans! Pretty neat. As you can see, These pictures are prior to cleaning ( might be a 5 day job ):rolleyes:

The it is very dusty, But No Rust on anything!
See Pics
Random Pic 1
Random Pic 2
Random Pic 3
Random Pic 4
Random Pic 5
Random Pic 6
Random Pic 7
Random Pic 8

As you can clearly see, about 30 years of dust and cob webs!
But, hearing it sold me on the effort, Makes the magnavoxes I have gotten lately sound like a 9 transistor radio lol
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