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Attention Vinyl Lovers - FS: Dennesen Soundtracktor

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Sale over: Dennesen Soundtracktor

Sale over. Thank you.

Dennesen Geometric Soundtracktor Cartridge Alignment Tool

The Dennesen Geometric Soundtracktor has been designed to translate the rather complex mathematics/geometry of proper alignment into a simple, easy to use tool and insure optimum performance of your record playback system.

This is an original Aluminum Dennesen Geometric Soundtracktor. Complete with original box and instruction guide. It is considered one of the worlds most precision cartridge aligment tool. Today very rare and a must have for the vinyl lp enthusiast.

Used but in very good condition. Commercially no more available as far as I know.

-- EUR 95.00

+ Paypal fee +3.5%
+ Shipping within Switzerland --- EUR 7.00
+ Worldwide shipping 1 week priority --- EUR 13.00 to 19.00

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