Att. Hifi -> aka Mikael Högrud, Sweden

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I`ve been trying to reach you now for two months in order for you to send me the parts I have paid for. Your mail does not bounce, so I hope it is just some strange mishappening???

I guess you know that you still have not sent me the slow start boards and mosfet pcb`s for my Aleph 2 project, which you promised to do in early june.

Ok, get in touch so we can sort this out.

Geir Axel Aass
Yes I know, but

I have seen his post`s on other internet sites.
For instance, he put in an ad on under "Annonser" the 8th of august.

I really hope this is a misunderstanding or mishappening of some sort.

I`ll try to get his phonenumber and see if I can get a hold of him.

Sorry about this, but waiting over two months for parts I have paid for does result in a bit of frustration on my behalf.

Geir Axel Aass
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UrSv said:
Also, I think he is a student which may very well mean that he is elsewhere for the whole summer. Give him another week or two.


Sorry, but this guy has taken a customers' money over two months ago, without sending the goods, and we go out of our way to "give him two more weeks, because he is a student'? I find this totally unacceptable behaviour.

Jan Didden

I sent those slowstart cards and Fet mounting bords In June? i thought you had recieved them.

I will check immedialey if they have gone in retun in the postage the since norway is not a member of EU customs sometimes makes trouble.

Anyway. I got more of those cards and I will be happy to send you another set of cards/ soft starts)

Im werry sorry for any inconvinience im away rahter long periods of the summer when i dont got any reliable internet connection.

i only got that in my student appartment witch i for obvios reasons dont visit often in the summer. i only saw this post since kasra sms:ed. me.

Im sorry i think you only got my gothenburg adress and phone.

btw the cognac was excelent ;-)

I understand totally customers who pays in advance. In order to make them as pleased as possible I always email them when I have got the money (do happens :D ) and also when I ship the stuff.

I was wondering one thing: In Sweden it's very easy to transfer money (at low cost) via your bank and to an another (50% in Sweden are doing bank business via internet). One american guy had no trouble at all to make a direct transfer to my bank but normally americans have big trouble in doing that. Why?

It's also problems for norwegians, our neighbours!
Europeans have usually no problems.
Well, I have`nt had any bad experiences transferring money directly to any swedish account yet and that goes for other countries as well, mayby I have a decent bank ;) Also It`s cheap!

But I am sure you know how much the norwegian government loves to create complicated laws, prohibitions and burocratic b***s***, and this in turn leads to a lot of hassle and misunderstandings across the borders. Especially customs is going out of it`s to make every ones lives miserable.

So at least I have`nt experienced any difficulties transferring money across the globe, but send anything to any person in Norway that has a value extending 20$ and customs comes down on you like a violent storm of rage.

Ok, it`s not that bad..., but close :D

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.