Asus M5A97 y Win 10 it hangs randomly

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Hello to the PC experts, I need help with this equipment, the problem is that it hangs randomly, that is, without any predetermined sequence, there are many days in a row in which it works correctly and others in which it hangs (freezes the screen) when booting just appears the welcome message of Win, or while browsing ...
This fault also happens when I leave the system in sleep mode, and in that case it does not recover when rebooting the system, or turning it off and on (it does not reload the Bios) you have to unplug and plug the source of the power supply of the electric network and there it starts ....... ?????

This PC was presented to me by my son who updated his for 3D games, with motherboard, memories, processor and new video card. That is, the configuration is almost the same as he had, but he added one more disk for me to edit videos with back-up. (RAID1)
Searching the internet, several users have identical problems (hang up) with this moter board and Win 10, but apparently nobody has provided a definitive solution.
Well, I leave the configuration and thank you for any suggestion or contribution.
The source, which many point out as the culprit, was changed for the third time, that is ruled out.

Asus M5A97 LE R2.0

AMD FX 8350 4.06 Mhz 8 cuore procesor

DD3 Hipex 1866 Mhx 16Gb x 2

Disk for boot Kingston SSD

2 x Hard disk for RAID1

Power supply LNZ ZX Series 650 Watts
I forgot to mention that one of the many uses that I give to this PC is to transmit music from it to the sound system, l with the attached transmitter. (I have an external rigid 1 TB disk with hundreds of themes downloaded in high resolution from the web)
The PC is located on the top floor in my work / study room and the sound system on the ground floor. So I select a few favorite songs and then enjoy them with CDA quality
I guess that may be the reason why I didn't get answers, it's understandable, this is an audio forum and the link says "PC based"

I have finally solved the problem and everything works perfectly.

Thank you anyway :)


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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.