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For Sale Assembled LM1875 amplifier boards + Extra PCBs + extra ICs

Things you have for sale.
Hello everyone,
up for sale stereo LM1875 amplifier boards + extra PCBs + LM1875 ICs. This is sound quality wise well regarded probably because of second harmonics. (Third party measurement link HERE)

  • Location India.
  • Tested and working
  • Genuine LM1875 ICs bought from DiyAudio member.
  • Boards are red gold plated from chipamp.com
  • Genuine Keltron, Wima, Nichicon capacitors brought from Project Point and The Audio Crafts (India)
  • There is extra 2 channel PCB + PS PCB + 2 LM1875 ICs. Which you can diy yourself.
  • More pictures available. Any query please message me.

The sale includes following :
1) Two fully assembled LM1875 boards.
2) One fully assembled power supply board.
3) Two pcb bare board for 2 channel lm1875 amplifier
4) One power supply bare board for lm1875 amplifier
5) Two genuine LM1875 ICs.
kindly see attached pictures.

Selling for Rs. 3500/- (42 $) Shipping extra.

Note :
  • No return, exchange. But would gladly help for any query or guidance or troubleshooting if any required in my capacity.
  • DIY envolves working with high voltages.
  • Build guide available online.

Thanks and regards




The sign and date are for Indian Audio forum which is a requirement there to post. So didn't bother to take extra pictures.

These were bought with international shipping and paypal fees just to see how the lm1875 sounds. Still lowering my price with some loss.

1) Two bare boards + Ps board + two genuine LM1875 Ics - Rs. 900/- (Will like to sell both together)
2) Two assembled boards + Assembled PS board - Rs. 1800/-

No returns or exchange. Shipping/courier extra.