Assembled DIY Phono Amp OPA2134PA on Ebay

Hi Guys,
I am getting the urge to try and build a phono pre amp. I have ordered the DIY CNC MM Phono board to build, and I have just come across this assembled kit on ebay and I could compare the two if i build this as well.

I have no connection with the seller on ebay.

Has any one got any experience of this amp on ebay? Is it a clone of the bugle amp? This may be a way for me to assemble a kit with minimum soldering.
It uses 3 x OPA2134PA

Best Operating Voltage: +/-9V DC to +/-15V DC.
Gain: 40dB.
Input Impedance: 47K ohm.
Output Impedance: 330 ohm.
RIAA Accuracy: <1dB.
Bandwidth: 20 to 100KHz (-3dB).
Distortion: 0.05% (@1KHz).
SNR: >68dB(use batteries supply).
Size: 100 x 60 x 16mm (L x W x H).

Used high-quality electronic components:
Thickness 1.6mm FR-4 fiber glass PCB (double layer).
HQ terminal blocks easy connection wire.
Polyester film and metallized film capacitors.
Precision 1% metal film resistors.
Ultra low noise and low distortion audio OP AMP OPA2134PA.
Gold-plated OP AMP IC socket, can easily replace other OP AMP.

Stereo MM Phono RIAA Preamplifier Module Board, OPA2134 | eBay

I can also order a Low Noise +/-15V Regulator Module, for Audio OPAMP

Low Noise +/-15V Regulator Module, for Audio OPAMP. | eBay

I think I could put this together to get some confidence before approaching the CNC MM Phono Amp
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I would appreciate any advice.