Artograph Porjectors

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Has anyone here had the opportunity to use an artograph projector?

I understand it would be a simple matter of dropping in an LCD panel with RCA jacks and *walla* a high end instant digital projector for $200.

I want to know what kind of performance to expect before making such a purchase.
Opaque Projector

The artograph is a version of opaque projector I believe. To see others, search ebay "opaque projector".

These have a very 'fast" lens system; they have to, to get an image from just the light reflected off the surface of a piece of paper!

I believe this lens system would be wonderful for an LCD panel with an OHP light source underneath it.

I was going to bid on some, but the prices run up over $100 real quick. Since I'm getting out of DIY with panels, it makes no sense to spend that kind of money on yet another expriment. Yet the prospect of being the first to come up with a killer arrangement (conglomeration...) is still intriguing!

hi all i to gained the info on the artograph +lcd=projection tv and tryed it they do project well you can get them at a local craft store cheap but i built my own with 5 inch convex lens better known as dollar store non bifocal magnifine glass black construction paper... thin plywood light switches wire and my secret ultra cool light source he he a speceial thanks to home depot projector is done and works great still waiting to afford the 5 inch lcd tv from bestbuy but ill let you know how it works when im done and i have a digital cam so i can post some pics

jamie information is limited imagination is not!
Reflective panels can be used?

I have heard that this device is good for using the Reflective type LCD panels? Have ya'll had any go at this?

We at the "DIY Small Panel" thread are always looking for a new, more compact way to project. And, personally I would like to know if that arrangement can be assembled in a smaller space than a slide projector.

Well, post if yer knowledgeable on this. Disregard otherwise.
hi sush!

ok heres what i know so far ive built the artograph it work great i got to try one lcd tv under it it gave the tv glare effect but when the light was off it projected a dim picture on the screen so the lcd is most likely not reflective and i dont have to try there is more on this at do a search for build your own lcd projector at hope this helps keep up the good work i been reading your post ....... jamie
Plus Direct Projector

Anyone tried to use a Plus brand Direct Projector? One of these uses 4 * 300 watt lamps. Looks a lot like a normal LCD projector crossed with a photocopier


This is the one I have access to. But I haven't got my hands on it yet. Will it wash out the image from the panel.

I can almost get a whole 15" LCD monitor on this baby!

Any help appreciated!!!
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