Artist with the most mystical albums

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I preface with the disclaimer that being a realist, in mye opinion mythology in one’s musical entertainment need only go as far as the use of a tube amplifier.
I mean noh offence to progressive rocke, progressive rockers, their fans, or any of their many merrye offsprings:

In another thread I was recently alerted to the fact that Rick Wakeman did not in fact retire, now sitting at a round medieval like table with other prog rockers, somewhere near the centre of the earth . .

Since the Golden Age of the 70s, while punks, new wavers, grungees Brit Poppers & girl bands amongst others made their nefarious styles available to us all, Rick has maintained a steadfast direction.
Here are some of the legacies he hath bequeathed the worlde:

Sample of Rick Wakeman discography

The six wives of henry viii
Journey to the centre of the earth
The myths & legends of king arthur and the knights of the round table ****
No earthly connection
Silent nights
Country airs
The word and the gospels
A suite of gods
Time machine
Sea airs
Black nights at the court of ferdinand iv
Aspirant sunshadows
In the beginning

The list goes on & on . .

Who can surpass this surfeit. Never I verily sayeth – Long Live King Rick!
I tried to like Wakeman's work, I really did. But like similar cult figures (e.g., Todd Rundgren), I found that after 5 minutes or so, I had an unaccountable urge to trim my toenails. Or get that last bit of dirt out from that crack between the molding and the floorboards in my kitchen using a toothbrush. Or to get started doing my tax returns...
For me it's Terrence McKenna. From "Dream Matrix Telemetry" : ;)

I somehow shattered the membrane
between myself and ordinary space.
I carried the trip into the room with me.
Very rapid transmission of data.
It only lasts a few hundred seconds
You awaken from a dream.

I can see it clearly,
after a time I think it sticks with you.
The details.
Some quality of seeing and understanding.
A dimension has been added to ordinary perception.
And you will have the complete experience in the dream.
It's in the body.
You can do this on the natch, it is not far away.
Outrageous possibilities lie immediately to hand
and are virtually only a toke away.
Free Jazz for me man. Especially the Mingus stuff done in the vane of Free Jazz, like "The Complete Town Hall Concert"-though I never loved the music, it was out there. A lot of it seemed disconected, but every once in a while they would hit a groove that really transported your out of your chair. It always got me in that way.

I always felt that Mickey Hearts Albums could transcend reality in a similar way.

Then for just straight up wierd but good, I think maybe Frank Zappa's stuff. Mothers of Invention probably being my fav.
Rick Wakeman is my musical idol along with Loreena McKennitt, which is a bit of an odd combination, but hey, I'm proud of having varied taste.

I suppose I should apologise at this point by the way -methinks it was I who alerted our comrade thread-starter to the fact that Rick's still recording. I've seen him live many times since '2000, and each show has been superb. As for his albums -well, a shot of mysticism, but his tongue is firmly wedged in cheek with many, like The Myth's and Legends etc. Great fun, though not for everybody, I admit. Progressive rock got a bit of a bad reputation for excess -deservedly so in some ways, but look at it this way: who are the more talented, Pink Floyd or Britney Spears. Bit of a no-brainer really.

I've lost count of the number of albums Rick's released over the past 35 or so years -it must be over 70, and all are excellent. Greatest keyboard player of all time? Without a doubt. And that was through playing ability -he doesn't need to hold live audiences' attention by slamming knives into his instruments. Their attention never wavers in the first place.
Camel and Gong...

Wow, there is a blast from the past. Both great bands. 'The Snow Goose' by Camel is excellent. And Gong is always a pleaser, as well. My first taste was 'You'. They had a sound like no other. What ever happened to Steve Hillage?

As far as Kieth Emerson goes, I like him to. Its not like you have to like one or the other. They both are capable musicians. I like Kieths early work as well, when he was with Nice.
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