ARTA + Focusrite Solo Problem

scott wurcer

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2004-01-26 3:03 pm
Belmont MA
I'll have to buy a license from Ivo now. Awesome bit of software.

When my new W10 laptop arrives I hope I have the same luck. The ARTA demo has been the only thing that actually works true 24/96 full duplex with some of my USB devices.

EDIT - I should say the only free thing, I think it's only fair to ante up the shareware fee.
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Anybody had a problem where ARTA will not 'see' the line input from a Solo USB DAC? The DAC is using ASIO drivers ...

Hi and sorry to jump in a little OT.
I am using Arta to evaluate some usb AD/DA interfaces.
I am only able to check the noise floor of the interfaces for now :eek: :(
But i would like to check the noise floor on DAC only units i also have at hand.
(or only the DAC section of the above mentioned interfaces).
Do you think it is possible ? i am very lost here.
In practical terms i would like to see the influence of galvanic isolation and different power supplies on different dacs.
Like they have done here (see at the bottom of the page where there are graphs with and without galvanic isolation).

Thanks a lot indeed.
Regards, gino
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