Arm stuck in woofer tube.


2010-11-21 11:20 pm
Save the children!

BAN ported subwoofers! (don't forward to anyone in Congress)

At least the medics did not destroy the sub!

I use a passive radiator sub in the house and my subs in the garage have 6 inch (15cm) diameter ports, I should be OK unless a fat kid puts his leg in there.


2011-04-27 8:10 am
Ok, NOW I see the issue. Apparently they wanted the woofer to see a purely reactive load in order to acheive maximum spl, so the cheap bastards forego 50 cents worth of acoustic insulation that obviously would have smoothed at least two of the major quarter wave harmonics and only at the cost of a db or so in the published specs. It's always the bean counter and marketing department at the root of these tragedies.
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