Ariel placement?

Hi folks.
Just a small question to any Ariel owner out there:

What would be the consecuences of using the Ariel with the woofers in the horizontal plane? That's 90 degrees rotation of the original drawings I've seen.
I've seen many central speakers used in that way. and Dynaudio makes some profesional speaker monitors (M1. M2) with a similar layout as Ariels, that people uses either way.
Would you care to comment on this?


I tried this with the ME-2 ( little brother of the Ariel ) for a center channel.... ignoring wisdom presented by Vance Dickason and other's.

Muttering to myself as I turned it back upright ( called for a new cabinet ) "Always enough time to do it over..... never enough to do it right...... "

Comb filter effects made some vocals difficult to understand with the horizontal layout.

my mistake-ME-2!

Tanks for your answer. In fact, I was asking for the ME-2, not the Ariels. I'm into building five of those (or something similar) for a mixing room, so your experience is very valuable for me.

What I do not understand, (and may be someone with more knowledge than me can explain) is why some other similar designs can be put in eithert orientation without the penalities you desciebe. If someone is curious, visit this site:

I've heard the monitors and sound amazing, in either position.