Are you REALLY going to be dead ?

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I am not sure if you guys are aware of research being done on living and dying ! To put it in a nutshell it confirms what the scriptures from around the world say. They say that your " conscious self " lives on after the body dies. It supposedly still has an individual identity but has no physical body. So all physical characteristics like gender / sex ( wants ...needs etc. ) / bodily ailments etc. no longer exist. That's not too hard to imagine.
I'd love that scenario.
There are several web sites on this topic. I found the one's given below that sound quite scientific. I haven't yet read all of it but so far it sounds good.

You can buy a book on it or download the PDF file free.
Book download:

Web site:
Friday Afterlife Report November 12th 2010

Right.......that worries me too ! But they say that you can do what ever you want ! But with no physical ears and " electronic parts " diyaudio appears to be a No!No ! in the "other life ".:bawling:
But then again maybe their alternatives ( not yet known ) might be good enough !:D
I must confess that's one of my worries about the afterlife - has the art created in this life still accessable somehow in the next life? Imagine all those memories of favourite albums and films and works of art etc and not being able to ever hear or see them again? Then again I guess those reponsible for all these works are alive in the next life, so perhaps we'll get new works to enjoy. One hope so anyway :eek:

Thanks for the link - looks like an extremely interesting read, methodically & intelligently done. This link should be spread far and wide! I have a feeling if the question of there being an afterlife was 'officially' proved by science, the world would in the main be a better place to live in for many reasons...

My one BIG question is, if there is life after death, why do we go through this physical state of existance first, and not just go straight for the spirit world instead? I guess I need to finish reading this document first ;)

- John
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your "conscious self " lives on after the body dies

My body is still alive (i think) but my conscious self goes intermittent. Now on, now off. If death doesn't switch it off completely don't know how I'm going to manage. :crazy: I don't think spiritual booze works for spirits.

Ha! No fear, conscious self is a burden my friends but the spirit it's not. Learn to distinguish one from another.

>"Ha! No fear, conscious self is a burden my friends but the spirit it's not. Learn to distinguish one from another."<

YOU said that, and you´re a Spaniard so I trust you.

Wasn´t it Sancho Pansa who just sighed and said, " Well - on towards new mishap then" ?;)
........Sancho Pansa who just sighed and said, " Well - on towards new mishap then" ?;)

Well actually they say if you are an " average decent person " you do get to enter the " other world rather easily ". But as you do not have a physical body no "mishaps" are possible.
They claim that you get to " do " things. Couldn't imagine what that could be without a physical form. Well , I guess that we couldn't really understand that because being an " identity" without a physical form isn't easy to really understand.
Yes, you are REALLY going to be dead. Every thought you have, every emotion that you portray, every idea, be it of self or of others, all those will cease when you stop supporting the electro-chemical reactions that drive life.

You will begin to decompose immediately.

The countless atoms that make you up will move off and construct something else.

If you want to take any solace from it, be thankful that once you were a part of a star, and in furture your component atoms will again be a bright beacon of light somewhere in the universe.

Any claim to the contrary is ipso-facto unprovable and the result of fevered imaginings by people who can't absorb the fact of thier own insignificant and temporary nature.
I thought we were not supposed to talk about religion?!

It's the "21st" Century for crying out loud.

There is no "afterlife"; only Pascals wager!

"Life is a short warm moment; death is a long cold rest" (Pink Floyd)

While we are here......

There are no Gods
There are no ghosts
There are no demons/devils
There is no mind reading
There is no telekinesis or remote viewing

Don't let the collective human ego spoil the view of the truth and always be aware of the difference between subjective and objective realities. Most of our behaviour and belief systems has been learnt from social and cultural teachings through history. These are powerful "Memes" that have only had great success because of our innate ability as individuals and peoples to be manipulated and led whilst confronting the unknown or the inexplicable.
I would like to tell something.
3rd September, 2006, Sunday afternoon listening to music.
Crossed my mind for a moment a thought that impossible.
What I'm going to start my son's life assurance policy, if he dies?
Chased away the thought of myself, because it is incapable of insanity.
On the evening of 5th September, 2006 he committed suicide.

Wacky Gyuri
Odd thing about getting out of a coma is that all info is still there, but the hard drive requires a chkdsk.exe that takes years to get all data back on/in-line.

Brainstem damage is more inconvenient, the moment the system reboots, peripherical muscular circuits start to detoriate, roughly 55lbs in 21 days.

Part of the hard drive is unusable after a system crash, the system check easily reports performance level down by 5 points.
But hey, if it still manages an IQlock speed of 142 bits, there are worse main processors operational today.
Deja vu is something to live with.
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