Are Velleman tools good quality?


2010-09-07 1:56 am
I'm just starting out and want to get some basic tools (multimeter, screwdrivers, screws and bolts). Since I can always use basic tools, I want good quality. The Velleman tools are quite cheap, so I'm not sure about the quality.

Any idea if they are good?


Paid Member
2009-02-11 12:58 am
For screwdrivers, I swear by the ones made by Wera and Bacho. They're spendy but last forever and don't strip the screw heads. Especially the Wera models with the laser "engraved" tips are truly awesome. Get a set of flat blade, Philips (PH), Pozi-Drive (PZ), Torx (TX). The ergonomic handles make the screwdrivers a pleasure to use.

For multimeters, I'd start with a cheapie. They aren't very accurate, but looking at the link to the $50 meter testathon, it looks like they get within a few percent accuracy. That's fine for hobby use. Just don't expect 4-digit precision just because the display shows four digits... The Fluke meters are more expensive but also nearly indestructible.