Are they the same?


2009-10-13 9:36 pm
Hi guys!
I'm working with a soundigital amp that have two op amps chips in it.
One is a TL074cn made by st, the other is a TL074cnds made by Motorola.
There is no PDF file for the Motorola for me to do the cross reference.
Can some one tell me if they are the same chips?
Thanks in advance.
In general the TL074Cxxx parts are commodity items and very interchangeable among manufacturers. The alphabet soup after "TL074C" varies from one manufacturer to another and is a code for things like the physical package (DIP, SMT, etc), the vendor "put-up" (loose parts, plastic tubes, tape-and-reel), special lead forming for automatic insertion, the die fab location, the packaging location, manufacturing lot code, etc, etc.

Somebody may have discovered, by accident, that parts from a particular manufacturer . . . or a particular fab . . . or a particular production lot . . . are superior in some electrical characteristic such as noise, offset, bandwidth, etc, but that information is seldom very easy to find.