are these phoney transistors?

I've been wanting to upgrade my benchtop power supply (maybe one of these days i'll be able to start a car with it?). So I was purchasing some things from and saw that they carried TIP2955's. From the pics on their site, I saw that they were the same one's I was currently using, so I added some to my order. I just got them an hour ago, and they look odd to me. The leads are thin and flimsy, there seems to be poor quality control (lettering varies on them, I only got 8), and they were made in Italy (never seen that on a transistor). I also noticed that they carried a Texas Instruments logo (slightly smudged), so naturaly, I searched TI's website... the search came up blank. So, my question to you is should I be worried about them being fake, and even if they are, should i go ahead and use them?
You can start a car with this supply:

HP6129C -- well it will probably start a lawn-mower, but I need one of the kids to help me move it:


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