Are these old amps worth fixing?

Dr Zeus

2010-10-17 5:12 am
I found a very old car-audio shop here in Atlanta who had some ancient classics. They sold them to me for dirt cheap and are worth the cost I paid probably for the outer cases alone.

I have yet to break these apart and play Where's Waldo, and will set up individual threads if I need a bit of help.

Are these any good for repair?
1 x Rockford Fosgate Punch 40 DSM that turns on and doesnt play anything
2 x Rockford Fosgate Punch 60 DSM. Both only work over one channel.
1 x MTX 4320 amp that doesnt turn on - probably has a lot of blown circuits.

Which would be the most enjoyable for fixing vs throwing away? The Rockford amps look very nice and clean and are missing end caps but have no scratches. They score a 9.7 out of 10 cosmetically. THe MTX is about an 8 out of 10. The MTX I am told can run an entire car, and the Rockfords are said to be very underrated.

Also coming in next week is my blown Hifonics Gen X Thor amp...

Gotta love the hobby!
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To get the DSM amps working properly you'll likely have to replace every [email protected] SMD electrolytic cap in each amp. The preamp board behind the RCA jacks is also generally badly damaged by leaking capacitors. They can be repaired but it can be time consuming.

Most of the MTX can be repaired as long as the board isn't damaged. I'd recommend that you avoid the 5 channel amps (similar to the one you have) with the class D amp for the sub channel.

Dr Zeus

2010-10-17 5:12 am
Good word.

Heres a pic of the 40 DSM on its back after repair. This amp works just fine after carefully resoldering the pre-amp board under the main PCB near the RCAs.