Are these any good - 2n3441, 2n3442, 2n4037, UA741?

Found a bag of 10 of all the parts in the title, googled them but turns out it's all old stuff and not usable for decent quality audio. Can anyone share some thoughts if I can use any of it for, say, good quality regulators or something else down the line?
Or just throw it away or put it on ebay...

PS - already built a decent quality Gainclone with snubberized LM338 regs, so that's my quality reference for now
2n3442 this week showed up on the list of best parts to replace a failed 2n3055. The datasheet shows a slow Ft suitable for obsolete PWB's that might oscillate with a faster parts. (The actual part might be faster than the datasheet says). 2n3441 shows up in the SK line charts as a 500 Vceo part more suitable for televisions.
You can download datasheets from, which is my favorite because there are fewer steps than other sites.


2006-09-29 7:39 pm
Only just saw your post. 2N3442 is dead slow (ft=80kHz) no good for good audio. But for a power supply it is excellent (140V). Wouldn't use it for a 2N3055 replacement, even the old 2N3055 had 800kHz fT. The 2N3441 makes a good driver so these would be useful for a power supply etc. If you still have them!