Are these 2sa970 2sc2240 2sd1609d Genuine or Chinese second source ?

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Hi all,

Please view the photos and provide your input if your have same devices on hand.

2sa970, 2sc2240: 1) vendor claims to be Toshiba 2) the actual lettering 's color is the typical reddish gray not white like the photo suggests.

2sd1609d: 1) this is the only vendor carries suffix D (higher beta) version (fishy) 2) most Hitachi's to-126 has a Hitachi logo 2) Unless Renasas changed things, it's not genuine ?


These are the photos.


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Thank you for inputs so far.

Hey zeoN_Rider, I'm new here and dun-no whats between you and Tube_Dude, but u sur ant my father :D

Please take a look at the new pictures. These I got from a Japanese vendor's site. So, I assume they are genuine, unless they invade over there too. They look like the ones I have. I think the reddish gray is low power laser marked.


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Again, thank you for all of the interests. (really we all should be, as this pair is good and many of us uses).

Please take a look at the 2 new photos I took from my ACTUAL ONES which the 2 on 1st post are from (amazing of their different appearances under different lightings. This is where pro. photographers make a living and I don't.)

FIY, all these tran. I purchased the same time (approx. 2 months ago). I've not been able to empirically tested them.

2SA970(GR): the 2 on right are real McCoys and left 2 are not, from what I see. Look at different font of "A970" and # "4". So sleek, they even copycat the batch#. LOL, we will end up with even more bad ones in the future after this post as I think they will go back to the drawing board and perfect the marking.

2SC2240(GR): I can not really detect any thing obvious compare the real McCoys. Any one has their tran.'s photos for comparison ?

As a side note, to my surprise, it seems none has ever used the 2SD1609 (siblings 2SD1610 2SB1109 2SB1110). Personally I think they are great for diff. inp. stage or even VAS for lower power amp for these reasons:

1) Even for slow 2SD series, they have a decent (well great) GBW of around 100 MHz
2) Beta (suffix D) is up to around 300
3) I challenge one to come up with a better device as for linearity, triodes included !

At this point, I plan to implement a simple preamp with it (2SD1609) and compare the 2SC2240 version, same topology. Nothing fancy, diff pair, CCS at -rail, 2 emit. Rs, and 2 col. Rs where AC coupled balanced output is taken. (As soon as I get the real McCoys
that is.)


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