Are the outputs in the X series amps socketed?

I saw in another thread that Nelson mentioned the IRF240's used different size pins than the 244's. It would seem to me that this would only be critical if the devices were socketed... Is this correct?

Secondly, is there any audible difference between the 240's and 244's? Is one preferred over the other if I am going to use TO3 devices?

I am asking because the chassis that I have is already drilled for TO3 devices...

Finally, is there a cost effective place out there that someone knows about that would give a decent price on 100 of the TO3 devices?


Nelson Pass

The one and only
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2001-03-29 12:38 am
As far as I am conerned there is no preference, except
for the mechanical pin issues.

We solder our outputs, and I recommend that you do the
same. The to-3 heat sinks you have drilled will fit either
package fine, it's the pin width itself that is non-standard.