Are older amplifiers capable of 15 volts?

Have my first cmax 45ah bank and I have a power 650 mosfet 1992 rev. Is it capable of handling 15.2 volts with the battery charging that high? I was reading through the Power 300 manual and it says “
The Rockford Power 300 is an automotive stereo power amplifier which
will provide state-of-the-art sound in cars, vans, boats, or wherever a 9
to 16 Volt battery is available.” And if it can would it be recommended to be recapped/ gone through? Would be using it alongside a taramps bass 8k for a little loud daily. Or is 14.4 the highest?
The 300 is a newer design with over-voltage protection and regulation for the rails. The 650 has a much different power supply. I don't see regulation that would protect the output stage of the 650 from over-voltage.
So would rail voltage increase with a higher input voltage?


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Just thinking aloud: if supply transformer winding wire is exposed (or under a single sheet of Mylar, nothing fancy), maybe you can unwind one secondary turn, even two.
That should add enough safety downwards.

MOS 650 transformer is shown as a "mystery box" but "300" one shows primary 6 turns of #14 wire, secondary 15 turns of #16 , "650"one could be very similar.

Maybe over voltage sensor should also be tweaked, but the main danger, power transistor voltage limit would be avoided, at a hardware level, not just counting on a voltage regulator turning switcher OFF before a danger level is reached.
In my book, a safer approach.

I suggest you "map" Mos650 transformer, find secondary, and check whether you can pull a couple turns where needed.

Post your findings here.
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