Are EV Eliminator 1 horn Drivers any good?


2010-01-15 2:28 pm
I have access to old "EV Eliminator 1" bass horn pair. This is 3 way, two horn tweeters, one mid horn and horn loaded bass driver. I was looking to build La Scala type bass cab with MF and HF horns. I am wondering if Eliminator 1 drivers are good enough for the effort. I could not find any data on these drivers on the web. Thank you very much for your help.

Old, old enough :eek:

LF - 15L
MF- 1823 + HD8
HF - 2 x ST35

Regards zeoN_Rider


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2010-01-15 2:28 pm
Thank you for quick reply.
Is it worth the trouble to remake EV Eliminator 1 into La Scala copy cabinet? I found some old PDF on EV Eliminator 1. It is only RMS 100w and 45 to 14khz. I was hoping 2-300w range. My plan B is EV equivalent of Klipsch K-77a set and Speakerlab HD350B sets. I heard they are not as good as original K-horns.
Do you have any good suggestions for HF & MF compression drivers? I am planing to make wooden horns for the drivers for fun and show up my wood working skills.