Are drivers with poly cones difficult to integrate?


I remember reading somewhere that drivers with poly cones are difficult to integrate with the tweeter.
I am on my way to purchase a few polyprolylene fullrange drivers which I'll pair with silk tweeters. Is there a valid reason to shy away from them?

Thanks in advance,
Quite the opposite, poly drivers usually have a very smooth roll off, but you need to choose drivers that roll off high enough to compliment your tweeter.
The problem with poly drivers is more likely to be in the low end, because their cones aren't as stiff as other materials, so higher distortion if driven hard.

As with drivers made of any given material, there are good ones and not-so-good ones - it all depends on the individual peformance parameters of the drivers in question, not just the materials the diaphragms are made of.

But, since you say you are planning to use "full range" poly cones, I'm wondering why you are going to be using tweeters with them? What is the frequency range of the fullrangers? Where would you be crossing to the tweeters and what type of tweeters are you using?

Many people use "standard" tweeters with fullrange or wide range woofers, or in 3-way designs where the midrange driver goes up relatively high in the spectrum - this is really unnecessary - you may only need a small inexpensive tweeter to cover the very top end of the spectrum where the fulltangers begin to fall off.

So - it would be best to provide some details as to what specific drivers you are looking at, and what your design goals are.