Arc Cubic Line (Swiss??) 3 way Fostex CL-200 ????

It's a day for being offered strange stuff I have never heard off!

Does anyone know ANYTHING about these Swiss Arc Cubic Line speakers with Fostex FW200 / FT55D / Tweeter model Unknown, 3 way, 3 separate boxes stacked on top of each other - appears to be very heavy oak (only seen pics on a telephone). They are not pennies and as they are 400km away I'd be buying blind. However we are talking low 100's£ - that said I don't have the luxury of just flushing the money down the toilet; so any and all info greatly appreciated!!!

ACR is a Swiss loudspeaker dealer and their kits mostly used Fostex drivers. I can't comment on the quality of the CL 200, all I know is that the (foam?) surrounds of the Fostex FW 200 woofer fall apart over time and have to be replaced.


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