Arc Audio KS1000.1 Rev 1.04

Do you still have it? I am comparing it to the DPX11500 from Clarion (datasheet provided by Perry here in DIYaudio) and it looks pretty identical.

The issue am having is that the amplifier is drawing excessive current so I remove the board and the NPN and PNP output transistors appear to be shorted (have shorts between all three pins). I even removed the rectifiers from the high voltage rails as I thought those were shorted and once removed they tested good.

So am here stuck trying to figure out why are all three pins shorted, going to remove the diodes between the rail and the output (emitter of the outputs). Wish me luck, lol, perhaps we can help each other out or Perry will chime in some more.
Well I removed the Mosfets that are part of the switching "M1" along with the four outputs pairs. The two mosfets were shorted as well as the first pair of output transistors near the power supply side (one on each side) then the other three pairs tested good. So am assuming the first pair/set are for the low wattage output then switches to the other three outputs for the higher wattage output.

Replacing the two fets (IRFP4321) and the outputs (A1243 and C3263) which I cannot find a reliable source. Do you guys think 1943 and 5200 will do? The Clarion datasheet has 1294 and 3263 but a total of 6 pairs.