AR38S Speakers

I recently purchased a pair of AR38S speakers. $30.00. I have replaced the surrounds on the woofers. Both tweeters are dead. 200038-0. I have ordered some replacements that I believe are very very close to the originals in specs.

Any comments would be appreciated.


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I'm sure System7 will jump on this, it's among his favorite subjects. :)

Only because I'm a community-minded individual, Erik! :D

Jeff, have go, my friend. I think it'll be worth it:

Without ferrofluid, you probably want an attenuator to damp the Fs of the tweeter, if you have any idea what I am talking about.

Slot in replacement should be OK, but the crossover can be improved, IMO. AR made great speakers, IMO, but skimped on crossovers. I've heard loads of them and they go loud and sound lively with surprisingly little distortion.
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system7, thank you for the information and the link. I managed to get the replacement tweeters for $4.00 each. So I bought all they had....8. I have a pair of AR17's that can use some new tweeters as well. Once I revamp the crossovers in the AR38's, I am going to cover them in real wood veneer. I think these will be a keeper.
Dear All,

I am also in the midst of replacing the tweeters on this speaker model. I installed a pair of Visaton TW70, but now there is something odd going on with the phase alignment (i guess) as the speakers now sound bassy and dull in the midrange.

I would like to simulate the crossover, to get some hints what could be causing the problem, but couldn't find any frd/zma data for the woofer.

Any chance someone from the community can contribute this information?

Thank you!