AR D350B schematics anyone??

Zero Cool

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2004-09-20 6:10 am
Anyone have schematics for an Audio Research D350B???

I picked one up that had a dead channel. turned out the RCA jack had come loose and spun around and twisted the center conductor off. Fixed that and the amp works. one phase of one channel has some hum. probably needs caps but the amp works.

I think, this is just 2 pair of D100's in one GIANT Arsed case! Damn thing looks like a giant battery charger! probably about as useful too!

It is in very good condition but the glass is missing from the center power line voltage meter (hahahha) and the left output power meter the glass is gone and the needle too! so im going to have to fine another one of those someplace?

but Tankasaurus rex works!



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