AR 9 speakers

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Hi all, I've recently bought a pair of AR9 & the 12" drivers need re-foaming.
I'm after some advice on what amplification might be needed to have them running properly? I have a marantz pm7200 but I've heard this might not be enough? Any advice would be appreciated please. :)
I've got many different vintage models from AR and must say that all are good sounding. You will need at least some 100W for bigger ones. I use Phase Linear 700b with AR10pi speakers. Of course be careful with volume. Nice vintage pair. Don't expect same performance as modern speakers can offer but still very very good sounding and nicely balanced indeed. Happy listening.
hmm. I bought a pair $40 but sold them.

They had no surrounds left on woofs and most on one of the 8's.

replaced the (if I remember right) 8" mids (don't, refoam them, the poly replacements were absolutely awful).

Before replacing the 8's, I liked what I heard (without the woof, sub woofs).

But, if it was now, I'd refoam them in a heartbeat and keep them.

Maybe parts-express can refoam them.

Any photos? If it is the unit with square magnet at the back than it is almost 100% original. It is very similar unit as one used in smaller speakers (like AR17,18,25...). I don't know if they changed that magnet later for roun one. It is also possible. If it mechanically fits it is probably original. Check some pictures.
Hi thanks for all the replies :)
I can't seem to add photos from my phone... :(
I have removed the lower mids & both are sound lab not AR! So I now need to try & source some 8" lower mids too. But looking at all schematics I can't find frequency response & what the originals whether 4-6 or 8ohm? Has anybody got a pair that they can help please?
Going to jump in here; neighbor has a working set ar9s (re-foamed), but one of the tweeters is louder than the other.

I guess we can pull them out and bench test them. Are there any upgrade ideas; e.g. better tweeter caps?

That's some xo! I hope this is for both sides.

btw, he's using a active car xo and separate amp for bass woofers.


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