Apex 1010VA with (4) 37.5 secondaries, wiring question

Okay, here's what testing Chez Bear yielded.
Primary windings:
Secondary windings (four total):
Yellow-Orange (there are two of these)
Red-Black (there are two of these)

As far as polarity goes, I wired them thusly:
Blue & Purple to one leg of incoming AC
Gray & Brown to the other leg of incoming AC
2x Yellow to bridge
2x Orange to ground
2x Red to ground
2x Black to bridge
(Sorry, Petter...just the one bridge. Perhaps I'll splurge and give the Aleph-X a separate bridge for each rail--but first I have to find time to work on the silly thing.)

The secondaries read 37.5VAC no load, as I recall. In an Aleph 2, they yield about a 48 or 49VDC rail after diode losses through the bridge. They run just the least bit warm to the touch, whereas the Plitrons are stone-cold under load. They are physically smaller than the Plitrons, which may help those who are trying to cram everything into an existing cabinet.
And, yes, the price was reasonable.

Uhm, not to ruin anything Grey, but...

I just recieved my 3 x-formers from apex jr today !!!

The primarys on my toroids are:

Brown - Purple
Gray - Blue

Your polarity seems right, though.

Here in DK we have 230V AC, so I wired them like this:

Blue to one leg of AC
grey and purple together
Brown to other leg of AC

This matches standard colour coding for AC in Europe.
I Just received my Toroid from Apex today and I am confused by the wiring color coding. Can someone please help?

6 Primary (I believe as there are short wires)
- Black
- Blue
- White
- Gray
- Purple &
- Red

8 Secondary
- Yellow (solid & Stripe)
- Orange (solid & Stripe)
- Black (solid & Stripe)
- Red (solid & stripe)

From Grey's posting above, I already found out the Secondaries--
2x Yellow to bridge
2x Orange to ground
2x Red to ground
2x Black to bridge

BUT, how do I wire the primaries? Thank you for your help.
The 1010VA's only have 2 primary windings. What transformer did you buy? I don't see any white or red primary leads here.

If you indeed got the 1010VA from ToroidTech, you wire them for 110V/120V in parallel as Grey did, or 220V/230V/240V in serial as I did.

If you are confused, the thick wires are the secondaries and the thinner are the primarys.
My three transformers have all written TR50012 on them. If yours are different from mine, I cannot give the colours to you.

As you wrote, the transformer has 2x primarys. This means you should have four leads for the pri.windings. The four leads should be thinner then the secondary taps. If you only have 3 "thinner" leads, this could mean one of them is common for both pri.windings. You also mentioned 6 primary leads, so maby you have 2 "sets" of them. You realy should try a ohm-meter to find out your self.
These were part of the same deal and ARE the same as the
TR 50012 types.....with the same markings..
color and wiring are different............
BTW: These came out of Mondial amps
Grey 120V
White 100V
Blue 0

Brown 120V
Pink 100V
Violet 0

37.5Volts on these taps
Yellow and Orange
Yellow/White & Orange /White
Red/White & Black/White
Red & Black
Hope this helps
Apex Jr