APC SmartUPS 5000 schematic

I have a APC UPS unit that is broken. I have checked all the obviouse things like connections, soldings, fryed components as so on.

Do any one have a schematic or know where I would be abel to find/buy one? APC is not willing to either sell och give me a schematic, but they are willing to offer me an upgrade. :(

/Johan Ch
Hello Johan, have you tried removing the battery(s) and charging them with a regular automotive battery charger. The batteries are the most likely thing to go bad over time. I have more than one UPS here in my home that I got real cheap because it needed a new battery. Some were fixed, some have been taken apart to use for other things!
I'm not surprised about APC, they are more interested in selling new stuff than in keeping old things running.


There are probably good legal reasons not to give out schematics for a product that must function correctly and meet strict safety requirements. Otherwise APC would be vulnerable to law suits.

However, APC is more concerned about selling new product than fixing old. Beyond that they will not acknowledge that some of their product is potentially defective and prefer to blame the user.

My 3000 series UPS literally melted its 9 month old batteries. There are apparently certain failure modes which do not engage any current limiting or battery disconnect.

All of the off the shelf components checked good. There are some custom IC's as well. One them looks like it senses and compares voltage and current and controls relays.

After 2 months of emails with a APC idiot, the best they would do is give me a slight discount on a new unit because it was "my fault".

I took them off my acceptable UPS list in my specification boilerplate because of this. If I can't get satisfaction, then most certainly my clients would not receive satisfaction. And, I don't want to be responsible for fires or acid damage in my client's equipment racks.

Sorry about the rant.