Anywhere in Copenhagen to get MDF cut?


2006-04-08 2:56 pm
Thanks for the replies. I'm in NV 2400 I think it's called. Yesterday I found one if the Silvan hardware stores that can do cuts at 20 kroner each which should be doable if they're happy to do 18 cuts fairly accurately....16mm the thickest they had but it should suffice.

Afraid my Danish not good enough yet for surfing a local forum. I should probably be studying it rather than starting another speaker project :)



2001-01-29 9:58 pm
I think Bauhaus waives the cutting fee in exchange for a higher price per square meter - they should stock MDF up to 22mm at least. Haven't tried it since my projects have been on hold for a while, but might be worth exploring.

I remember one guy on one of the Danish forums who wrote that he would drop off a list and give them a couple of days to finish it (so there was less rush) and then just come and pick up the order.