Anyone wanna buy my verge Lcd?


2004-05-07 9:35 am
I was going to do something with it but i really need the money right now.

It is a verge 5" lcd already modded with a 6" FFC extension cable attached.

The only downfall is it is only good for a "widescreen" video source. I accidentaly chipped a corner on the top and it cuts off about 3/8-1/2" of the top of the picture.

It comes with the power supply also, i think i still have the backlight.

If anyone is interested, email me at "[email protected]" for some pics.

Im only gonna ask $30 CDN + expedited shipping. Should be about $50 CDN MAX to anywhere in Canada or the USA.

I also have 3 Delta 78 RPTV lens to sell off at $5.00 CDN each + shipping.

Thanks, Gordon