Anyone try this TA2022 180wpc board?


2013-01-01 7:51 pm
Yuan-Jing TA2022 2 x 180W Audio Power Amplifier Board

I have an old gainclone amp that I don't use anymore, with an overkill transformer that would meet the specs required for this.. it wouldn't be more than 20 minutes to swap stuff out and give it a try.

It would be powering a set of Speedster TMMs, replacing a spare Onkyo SR-707 I've been using (still would use the SR707 as a pre-amp)
Another advert that lies.
It has an absolute maximum supply voltage of 80V (±40Vdc)
The max power is 60W into 8ohms and 90W into 4r0 dummy resistive load.
It is NOT a 180W+180W amplifier !

Not necessarily.

TA2022 is rated 90W RMS per channel, +/- 31V rails, 4 ohms load straight in the Tripath datasheet, so a bridged one can supply 180W RMS into 8 ohms , so only ad error I see is labelling it a 4 ohm capable amp, although they seem to set it straight in ad body, so I wouldn't crucify them just on that.

Since they use two TA2022 per amp, 180+180 W RMS looks quite doable and within ratings.