Anyone Tried Auricaps?

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At risk of introducing something utterly germane to audio (grin!) I thought I'd ask a couple of questions about these modern marvels everyone talks about, Auricaps.

I need some good caps for inputs and outputs. Because the circuit I have is exceptional, the caps must match.

Anyone tried these? And does anyone have any idea where to get 'em in quantity at prices which won't make a grown man blanch?

'.....where due to a tragic miscalculation of scale, the entire battlefleet was swallowed by a small dog.'

I need 1uF 200V.

Thank you in advance,

If you're looking for matching caps, it looks as if Auricaps are not the ones for you-- 10% tolerance. If you get a big batch you could match them yourself, of course. It's strange that they don't tell you what goes into their caps... I guess some sort polymer and foil.

alternative suggestion: the Siemens/Epcos MKV B25839, 1µF/900V.
They are about US$10 each. They tore any other cap into pieces on direct coupling cap comparison.
Including Hovlands. Including fancy MIL Teflons.

Search the forum to find my raves, no need to repeat that. If you then pester me enough, i ship them to you.

MKV 1µ: dia 20mm, length 75mm without leads, axial leads. Or you take 2x µ5, in ||,
the you have 43mm lenght, same dia.

The MKV is definitely worth making a nu layout :D

AKSA: if the thing is built, i tell you 1st.
At the moment i am drowning in other duties. Tonearms and diyAudio.
Poweramp: after ASKA. Preamp: after poweramp. One after the other ... like the devil fetching peasants. :)

They sell Jensen caps. OH MY GOD!!!! they sound good. But, costly.

I got the copper foil in oil ones as an experiment. Unbelieveably, bass got deeper and high end sweeter and overall more revealing. My only complaint was that the high end seemed to get, while pleasing, a littly grainy.

They are $22 per for 0.1µF 630 volts, or $10 for the aluminum ones and $5 extra for a matched pair. So that's $25 for the matched pair.

You may also get a good deal on "bent" ones. I did, otherwise I wouldn't have bought them.

they're having a summer sale.

Jensen is a high quality manufacturer, so you know you are getting good product.

The usual suspects

Jensen copper foil caps are pretty big comparing to others.I didn't try Auricaps and Siemens is not popular in America so I didn't try it either. I used Hovlands and MIT RTX paralleled and achieve good results. Still, any of those caps alone has its weak points. MIT increases sibilants, Hovland exaggerates ambients and Jensen is kinda mellow.;) When you mix them, the weakneses are not so apparent.


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500V versions of the Epcos caps are listed on the Farnell (Australian) website, but no price is shown, and my print catalgue is out of date.
<a href="">B25839-C6105-K 1.0 UF 500V</a>

PDF data sheet is available on the page also.

Hope this helps


Hi everyone,

In defense of the Auricaps, I can offer the following. I have a number of their .68uf and 0.1uf caps; and have checked quite a few of them on the Gen-Rad LCR bridge. In spite of the 10% rating, they have all proved much closer to their nominal value than indicated by the 10% tolerance figure.

That is cool, and I have also found many caps close to their rated value. But... how do they sound?

Although I persnoally do not generally accept that a capacitor shuold affect the sound, mostly because NFB should remove any such anomolies, my own experience was with an amp that had NFB. So, due to all the internal thingies going on (stray inductance, resistance, capacitance, etc.) they sure do make a difference in sound in an amp.

I guess what I am saying is I now tend to support the better priced caps making a difference, but one would still want to consider the cost per difference ratio, so one gets the most for his buck.

Like I mentioned before, I tried the copper foil in oil caps but I don't think it would be worth replacing $1.30 caps for 18 dollar ones for the difference I heard. I would venture to guess that the difference is very minimal between 10 dollar ones and the 18 dollar ones I got.

So, as another poster here mentioned, I believe he gave his opinion on how a few different ones sounded, I would go with that and buy the middle priced one.

My 2 cents.
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