Anyone rolling their own horns?

Horn Loudspeaker

If you are interested in going the single driver, full range, high sensitivity route you might want to check these out:

I have a pair of the smaller ones without the drivers that are for sale. They are rated to 34 hz with a sensitivity of 96db. If you have a good full range six inch driver and a decent low power amp, you're in business.

Don't get me wrong, it'd be nice but it's dependant on the back chamber of the dionysio being correct for the fostex (which I doubt). I expect they are also a bit difficult to get to Australia I'm afraid. The last problem is that my listening/loungeroom is 12ft by 18ft by 9ft and the Dionysio would overload it severely. Even some voight pipes don't have room to breathe so a full frequency horn possibly wouldn't work.

My own design is calculated for a 60Hz Fc

Spare dollars are also an issue, that's why I diy.

Happy listening



2001-09-30 10:36 pm
Sth. Oz
I just got into horns too. I think you will find most have a cavity somewhere inside. The first I built was the Buschorn MKII and the second the BK201's. The next will be the Jericho. In both instances I filled the cavity with 'Polyfilla' expanding builders foam which you can get from any hardware store near you for about AU$10 a pressurepak tin. I got mine from 'Mitre 10' and I can vouch for it's effectiveness. Allow 24hr to cure and then trim the excess off with a utility knife... Works a treat