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Anyone need very thin ribbon aluminum material? it's free

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I have around 10,000 feet of ribbon material coming in soon and I thought I'd share

I have a 5.8 micron roll that's 1 1/8" wide around 2.5 lbs of this... or 10000 feet
I have a 4.3 micron roll (very rare) that's 1 5/16" wide around 10000 feet of this

if anyone needs/wants/thinks they will need/just wants for future projects let me know

All I ask for is postage... and maybe a thank you :D

I can give 100-200 feet of each and mail it for $1 postage to the US... other countries add a little more (I'll figure that out as it comes)

if you want both for a $1 that's fine... or one... or w/e I dont' care

just be kind to me and don't ask for more than you need... I need to reroll this for you :(


I also might be receiving some 3 micron metallized PET film here but I'll post if I get that or not

email me your name and addy... and paypal is feandil00@yahoo.com

tell me in the email or paypal thing how much of each you want or w/e
I am new to this forum, and am very interested in your offer of ribbon material. This is very generous of you. I have a pair of Apogee Caliper mid/tweeter assemblies that were destroyed in shipment (magnets broke loose, mangled the ribbons). I have decided to re-bond the magnets and experiment with making my own ribbons to get them working again. One thing I want to try is making single solid aluminum ribbons to try in place of the original kapton bonded strips. This will be much lower impedence, so I am looking at modifying an amplifier to drive a 1 Ohm load. I also want to try bonding thinner material in strips to 5 micron Mylar in an attempt to re-create something close to the original ribbons. I have been looking for quite some time for very thin annealed aluminum foil to do this, and keep striking out. Do you still have some you would be willing to part with? 100 feet of each thickness would cover all of the expeiments (and mistakes) I am likely to ensue. I am more than happy to pay you for it. Please let me know. I have also really enjoyed reading (and learning from) the threads on your experiments. Thanks!
I sent out at least 10 different rolls

to a lot of people on here

The only person I believe was delayed was a guy named George who apparently had issue and was lost when I sent it out the first time (or it just never made it through customs)

email me again and I'll try to get it out... to my knowledge everyone had gotten their's but this guy.... this guy recently asked in early december and was the last guy I accepted money from to send it out and I told him it would be delayed because of how busy I was after around november... and he never got it when it sent out in January

Tried to keep it straight and help out people with postage but apparently oversighted some... will get it out ASAP

I have some free time starting thursday as it's my break I will mail them out if you were oversighted.... believe it or not it's hard to keep track of rolling 100 ft rolls over and over to help people who can't find this stuff and then trying to make sure everyone got it when most people never emailed me saying they didn't get it (which meant to me I didn't miss anyone)

anyway I apologize either way about slighting people/USPS problems

Problem is I don't check that email often enough anymore

arggggh now I feel terrible... I only thought one person didn't get it

ARGGGHH sorry guys that's all I can say I'm sending them out to the person who emailed me about this tomorrow

and if that wasn't you jimmy I rolled one for you now (2am) just so I would have it....
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.