Anyone know about Kenwood receivers made in the late 70's?

I simply guess that you can connect any normal speaker to this amp but beware of the gear is old and therefore you may have poor sound from the itself.

I fixed an old Maratanz receiver with a nice blue radio scale and a red enlighted (right word?) red needle, very nice! And a heavy flywheel for the tuning. This amp sounded awful together with a CD! The riaa amp had 2(!) transistrors and sounded even awfuller! The whole amp was more or less soldered by hand.
yeah, you've got a nice 77-80 integrated, rated for a conservative 60 wpc. You would be able to drive about anything except very hungry or very low impedance speaker systems.
JBL S-312 or S-310 would be very nice.
But, speaker choice will depend on your choice of music and how they sound to your ears.

good hunting!