Anyone interested in repairing my Sunfire Cinema Grand?


2007-10-18 5:04 am
Nor Cal
I have a Sunfire Cinema Grand that has developed a hum that doesn't appear to be a ground loop. i have seen a video suggesting replacing some of the caps locating near some resistors that heat up quite a bit over time. I probably could do it myself, but I don't trust myself near high voltages and capacitors in this multi channel amp. It has been a GREAT amplifier, staying as a component for me for many years until recently.

I am guessing some other caps are in need of replacement as well, due to age.
I would also like to replace the burnt out panel bulb with an led that won't burn out like the incandescent lamps which burn out fairly quickly.

I am located on the California Central Coast, just north of San Luis Obispo. Anyone know someone who would be willing to take on the job? Really would like to get this amp back up to spec. Unfortunately, Bob Carver's repair service is no longer in business. Thanks for reading.


jim voos
I knew a guy from 5 years ago that has exactly the same problem with his Sunfire Cinema Grand 200 five. The Sunfire factory quoted him $300 to have it rebuilt. That amount sound suspiciously low considering the sheer number of junk Chinese brand electrolytic capacitors they use on these units.

Here's the original pic that he sent me of the internal.



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2019-06-15 9:03 am
I've own four of them (Signatures all-three Stereo's and one CG-5 channel) beginning since 2002 and have used them daily w/o so much as a peep. The LED switchout is a no brainer. You can find them on that auction site. Keeping the connections from grounding to the chassis in reassembly is a bit tricky in the CG-S. Remember that lamp is NOT fused! The later CG'S and SS's improved the board and how it's situated. About your buzz, you should tighten down all the connections and board grounds BEGINNING with the Power supply. When I got these amps there was a small amount of noise/mechanical hum. All I had to do was tighten down those PS's to the chassis and they're DEAD silent now and have been for over fifteen years. your amp might need caps or it might not. It depends on its history. Two of my stereos are running (bridged) into two hideously power hungry Subs and I had to replace the fuse holders in one because they're on 20 amp lines and they'd heat up and pop out. There's always Bill Flannery, if it needs surgery. Good luck. Flannery's Vintage Audio Repair