Anyone heard of or used and LCD TV?

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Hello again.

i was wondering if anyone has used or thought of using An LCD TV for there project?. one that keeps catching my eye is called a Pixelview LCD tv...its 5.6 inch and supports S-video in..but i havnt been able to locate the price...does anyone speak german cause thats what the site is in. also does anyone have a cheap supplier of metal halide lamps?


i apologize if this is in the wrong thread/section.
hey thanks for that sight i appreciate it.

i have a few more questions..i hope no one minds

1. can someone exlpain optics to me..its rather confuseing..all i want to do is to be able to project a good( 6X8 if possable ill accept less) image 9 Ft across my room..but i dont know what lens systems to go with ie rear projection optics like delta,a gutted slide projector,or the 100mm+ zoom len's on ebay.are fresnals an option?

2.has anyone experience colors messing up when using highpower backlites? if so how do we correct this?

3.can a line doubler or scaler be used with car mobile video like legacys 5.6 TFT lcd display for better image quality?

if anyone can help id really appreciate it


kobra, shsssssssssssss!

Hey, gotta read all the "DIY Video Projector" stuff for 5.6" size info. They have a ongoing pool of info. They've focused in on a few specific's but, some of it is up to you to decide.
But, looks like someone just posted a formula for figuring the lens you need. Take a look at today's messages.

Slide projector will be too small for that lcd. You need 1.8" or smaller. I don't think there is a Delta lens for you to use either. I think OHP is your best route.

What kind of backlites? "Messing up", you mean washing/blurred together?

Yes, cost is about $150 and higher. But, if you can connect to your computer than you can use software that is free, to do nearly the same thing! And, more flexible. Called, "Descaler".

Now, I am awake and can answer these questions but, I am not the expert and someone else may disagree. But, at least you have a place to begin with. Anyone?...
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.