Anyone have a system in a late model Grand Prix?

I have a box with 3 x 12's in mine, sealed. They are only poo poo Punch 2s but they pound pretty good when backed by a PG X1200.1 . This enclosure actually fits between the strut towers and under the Bose amplifier. The front face portion kinda looks like an octagon and the back portion is square. If you do a search for a three 12 sub sealed enclosure you will find one. With as big as the GP trunk is there should be no problem getting two 12s in there. Polo...
Not a Grand Prix, but I thought I'd share. I have an '02 Accord, 1 Audiobahn alum12q in a .5 cu ft box powered by a JBL GTO1201.1 amp. The reason for the box size is the space in the trunk that I wanted to use for it (see picture). The original plan was to LT it, but that's not necessary. I get pretty good low end with this setup. And as for the output, it's loud enough. It has no problem shaking the whole car.

(I never got a chance to finish the box)


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