Anyone have a Blaupunkt PA275, PA2100, PA2150, collecting dust?

Figured since so many here have differing amplifiers, might be worth asking if you, your brother, cousin, or friend has one collecting dust in a corner, if it works and has all/most of the connectors (don't care about the tacky plastic cases or colored inserts) if you'd be willing to sell it. PA4100 might be a little big for speakers I'm running, but I'd possibly entertain one if price was right.

Ideally, looking for PA2100, PA2150, or PA2200. And would entertain PA275 (or even a pair of them) and possibly PA4100 for tweets and upper-range speakers.
Guessing not many of these survived :( as they rarely pop up on ebay anymore.

Well, even if a few months or year later someone sees this and remembers there's a PA 2150 in their mom's basement that they used in high school, either shoot me a PM or respond here if the thread is still active. I'm a fan of the way these things sound in the mid and high ranges -when they work ;)

I already bought one off him. He was selling 3, and I think that's the last one.

None of his amps have any of the speaker terminals, and it's an oddball terminal pin set up so I can't retrofit. Other amp I bought lasted less than an hour before dropping a channel, and it was only powering tweeters :mad:

He's been the only seller I've seen in the past 6 weeks of looking.