• WARNING: Tube/Valve amplifiers use potentially LETHAL HIGH VOLTAGES.
    Building, troubleshooting and testing of these amplifiers should only be
    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

Anyone has a copy of the superreg of Allan Wright's design

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NickC said:
i would like to take a look at the schematic diagram for a shunt regulator. i seen a series one. Not sure which want to build? so anyone out there has the schematic pls would you mind sharing it here

<a href="http://www.vacuumstate.com/images/HT_Reg_Circuit.gif">Shunt</a> and <a href="
href="http://www.vacuumstate.com/images/PS_HT_CS_Circuit.gif">current source</a>

These circuits are from a specific implementation, the Leneham preamp on his schematics page, so some values of components will need to be adjusted to get the output voltage and current you want. Set the 12R in the LM317 to give 2 x the current draw for the circuit you are going to regulate, and adjust the 56k in the resistive divider on the op amp +ve input to give the desired Vout. Change the TL071 for an AD797.

That should get you started.

i could tell you about Allen's super reg but i won't do it. Allen sells this stuff to make a living. You can as him if he volunteers the info, you can order his Preamp cookbook, where making the super reg is described, you can order a kit from him.

Please see his website, www.vacuumstate.com .

You also could look on MHuber's website if you find anyting on shuntregs.

Both shuntregs work terribly well.
The kit Allen sells however gives you the most probability of success, it is hassled out and waterproof and with a beautiful kit building manual.
He is Allen Wright.

I was just browsing diyaudio.com when I saw a reference to mister Wright which reminded me that I had ordered something from him many many months ago and never received the item. A couple of months after ordering I sent mister Wright and email asking for status and, I must admit he was quick to respond.... Here's a copy of his reply and the email I sent him today...


Look at the date of this email... I just found it on my Inbox by accident... And guess what I have not received the book yet..... Any idea why?????

-----Original Message-----
From: Allen Wright [mailto:VacuumState@compuserve.com]
Sent: Thursday, May 16, 2002 4:12 AM
To: Paul Pereira
Subject: RE: RTA 200345.59335-USD 40.00-Mastercard-Paulo J Pereira

Paul, this book is out of stock and is being reprinted with some new stuff
& updates.

You should have received a return email after you ordered saying same -
apologies if you got missed.

The book is a month away - at least - if you want to cancel then I

Allen (VSEI)
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Hi Paul,

Here is what you can do:

From what I see your creditcard has been debited already,not much you can do against that unless you want to file a formal complaint.

Since we're not talking vast sums of money here and Mr.Wright is suggesting you wait for the reprint to come out you can do just that.

However,in case you want your hard earned cash back he also suggests you let him know and ask for a refund.

After all it has been since May this year.
Ask him for a current status and if you're put on the waiting list again and don't feel like waiting any longer you could than ask for a refund.

I don't know mister Wright in person but other members may,(and I can think of at least one member that does) and as such we'ld appreciate information on the outcome.

Wishing you the best of luck,:)
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I will read whatever you're feeding me.

If it is in any way serious I'll pass it on to those in charge.
Keep in mind however that this a forum,no more no less.
So do not keep the forum accountable for any actions,O.K?

Thanks for the last post. I learned that the guy has a bigger ego than the size of the backlog of orders customers are waiting for...:) And no, it's not about the money. It's about the principle. I've been buying stuff from companies and individuals on the web for years and was never misled like this... What can I say? Apparently this guy, even though he advertises some less expensive items for sale, believes he's above actually selling them...
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You realize this is a thing that can't be fixed overnight.
However,rest assured such matter is not taken lightly here so give us some time and I'll inform somebody that lives closer to this person than I do.

Again,I stress that this is something I would do out of personal initiative and has no doing whatsoever with this forum as such unless you would ask me to bring the matter to the attention of the owners of the forum?

As I read you,you just found reference to the person's name by doing a search on the net and found reference to Mr.Wright's work here.

See what gives, ;)
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I already took the liberty to report the matter to a moderator.
In case it doesn't bear fruit you can always report it back to me later on.
Money or not for me too principles prevail and rest assured I don't pussyfoot around when it comes to that.

Let's just see what happens and remind me in a week?

Fair enough?

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Allen is pretty much a one man show.

Not to make any excuses for Allen (i have had good dealings with him thou). I know that Dice45 has had personal contact with him, and can no doubt make some comments (but only if he is inclined to) on F-F dealings which transmit much more info than the faceless world of email (one of the reasons the smilies are so prevalent here -- an attempt to overcome)

I know that from personal experience it can be pretty easy to miss an email -- or have one lost in the ether (especially to people on AOL -- other ISPs with heavy duty SPAM blocking software will blacklist an entire ISP).

I know Allen has been busy getting a bread & butter product out the door -- his SACD upgrade -- and thngs like this always burn more time than expected.

His email to you was straight-forward enuff, if you wish to wait for the book, fine, if not i'll do a refund. Take your choice. Myself i am waiting paitiently for the next edition. I have the 1st edition and thoroughly enjoyed it -- from a technical, a philisophical, and a humour point of view. If you want to be cautious ask for a refund, and then when it is again in print reorder.

On the order form it shouts in RED "*The SuperCables Cookbook is currently out of print. Anyone placing an order will have to wait for the 2nd Edition to come out (ETA is unknown). " I am sure that when it is available this will go away.

As to the guy on AA -- i have run into more than one client that just wasn't worth the time. I give them their money back (if i have gotten any), ask them to leave the shop, and to not return again. It is just not worth the energy to deal with some of these a^^h(*$^. At one shop we always joked about having a formal application form for potential new clients -- if you are good and you want to remain small & responsive you sometimes just have to prune the dead wood from your client base.

Now that's just wrong. Bread and butter? If you want to, or can only, focus on big ticket items then sell only big ticket items. If you decide to sell the smaller stuff then treat your customers with respect regardless of the amount of the purchase. BTW, the straight forward answer was in May saying that the book would be available in about a month...

Since when is it OK to take a customer's money, regardless of how much it is, and then accuse them of being a pain when they don't get what they paid for? I would have been more than glad to have filled out an application form vs a credit card slip... Whitout being rude, all I can say is that your argument is a interesting if veiled defense of dubious business ethics and a total ignorance of the fundamentals of customer service. Or maybe this particular business follows a whole different set rules than the ones that I've learned to consider as defining honest practice and have applied during the years... Live and learn.... .

But like I said before, it's not worth pursuing this issue.
Allen's comment welcome.

your complaints maybe justified or not, i cannot judge that.
Dave has described Allens situattion well enough. One man show.
Apart from that, one email ripped out of the context of the history of corespondece happened before is not much of a proof, how miserable it may ever look.

When i have phone conversation with Allen, i never has his full attention. Because, he working, packaging parcels, whatever. Always. Not intending to criticize him, just to give you an impression.
In this context i would like to add that i have made some promises myself i am unable to keep due to being hopelessly overloaded. Starting from promised Fertin/2way vented listening comparison reports, maxon motor power supplies to parcels to forum members promised weeks if not months ago.

What Allen emails or posts i other forums is none of my business, everyone is his own bad luck's blacksmith.

But i think we should give him opportunity to comment this instead of outright. condemning him in absence. I would not be happy if forum discussions end up in a lawsuit. I will write him an email with a link to this thread.
Oh, and forum rules apply, for you all and for him. Means: i would not recommend to be rude to each other or making claims one cannot backup.

Another thing: those awaiting Allen's SCCB are well advised to wait on the book. I have just a hunch it contains dramatic improvements, atleast concerning manufacturability of the cable designs. His 1st ed. of the SCCB was highly entertaining, i do not regret to have read it but some of the desings i decided not to try out myself --- i am nuts enough, no needs to increase that to a medical state.
Hi all

I had a similar problem after ordering the cook book ie it took ages for it to arrive but it did arrive.
It is worth waiting for, a very entertaining read.

Regarding the Superreg, Mmmmm, IMHO I would try to do without it. I bought one and built it into my preamp. Checking with the scope I found it to be a very good RF oscillator so i took it out and as yet have not had time to fault find on it. It was built properly with the upgrades listed. I lost faith in it after this though and decided that in future I would try a different approach.
Just my 2 cents worth.
Hi all,

Just read this thread and would like to tell my experience and my opinion on Allen Wright:

A few years ago, I saw an advertisement in the Sound Practices magazine about a book with the appealing title "Tube Preamplifier CookBook". Since this was my early days in tubes, I decided to give it a try. But there was also an offer in this advertisement: there was a substantial discount if you ordered also the "SuperCables CookBook". So, I ordered them both. The TPCB came soon. It was a great pleasure to read it and learned a lot from it. But, the SCCB wasn' t out yet and I had to wait a long time before it was sent to me, several months later. Never complained about this. I can understand the efforts of a single man enterprise trying to run them all.

In the past years, I had a lot of e-mail contacts with Allen. I have built his FVP5 preamplifier and, having not so much experience, I had a lot of questions. Most of the times, he was very willing to respond to me and give an answer or solution. Sometimes, I never got a reply. But, I can fully understand that he is full of everyday things to do.

By the way, I had bought from Allen the SuperRegulator as a kit and I 'm very pleased of its performance. I have the full schematic with building and adjusting instructions, but, since this is a copyright of Mr. Wright, I don' t think that it should be distributed. Buying a SuperReg kit is not that expensive and anyone wishing could give it a try.

Anyway, I don 't understand what all this mess was about. I don 't agree with angry and aggressive statements, like
"He takes people's money and doesn't send anything in return"
and everybody must have in mind who he is dealing with. It 's not a big and perfectly organized company; it 's just a one man business. After all, I think that Allen Wright has offered a lot to the DIY audio community and I have a respect for him.

Evangelos Kenourgios
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