Anyone familiar with the Jensen Sono-Dome Ultra tweeter.


2002-08-15 10:16 pm
Hi there,
I have a pair of Jensen Sono-Dome Ultra tweeters. Last time I tried to use them they sounded harsh. I suspect that I was trying to cross them in a bit to low. Anyone familiar with the usable range of these tweeters. Would I be right in describing them as supertweeters and only really suitable above 10K.

I am just starting to make plans for my next project which will be some nice Isophon 10" drivers with a helper tweeter in a transmission line enclosure. These Isophons are the later vintage and as such wont go as high as some of the earlier ones. I'am worried that the tweeters wont go low enough to integrate.


If those are the old Sonodomes, I can't say the idea of using them for a DIY project makes much sense to me. They were early dome tweeters, not particularly smooth or extended. Don't want to slam them unneccessarily since I don't know if I am thinking of the same model as yours, but I have heard several Jensens with them and was not impressed. Better choices are available, and not expensive.